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Live music in hospitals

I'm part of the Wishing Well Music in Health team of musicians who provide live music making and experiential opportunities in hospitals in East and West Sussex. The purpose of these musical interactions is to improve the quality of life of children and adults through the therapeutic and joyful benefits that live music offers. The music takes place in a variety of areas including in communal areas of hospital wards, by bedsides as well as in corridors and waiting areas.


How We Connect

We work in a very flexible, adaptive and sensitive way - tailoring the musical activity to the needs and energy level of the patient. The focus is on playing 'with' rather than 'for', making the most of the powerful impact that live music can have on an unwell person. Patient interaction can take many forms; simply listening, exploring different instruments, singing a song together, moving to music, playing a call & response rhythm game. 

Live interactive music makes a refreshing and therapeutic change for patients in hospitals. The soundscape of a hospital can be very sterile, cold and clinical. Stressful conversations and procedures take place, so music can offer a relaxing escape. Singing helps to regulate breathing which calms people down.

"It makes such a welcome and soothing change hearing a voice singing rather
than the constant bleeping that goes on all day and night."
Adult Patient
Wishing Well project at Crowbourough
Community Hospital

Making music with 8 month old baby Abigail on the High Dependency Unit at the Royal Alexandra Children's

hospital in Brighton, as part of the Wishing Well

Music in Healthcare project.

Watch a video about the Wishing Well Music in Healthcare project - The Musicians Story
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