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Singing Groups and Workshops

I run singing groups for all ages and abilities in the community including community choirs and singing groups for older isolated people. Singing is such a positive and fun way of making friends and getting to know people in your community. Not to mention the many physical and mental health and well-being benefits that singing offers, these include;

  • Lower stress levels due to increased oxygen in the blood

  • Improved mood due to the release of the oxytocin hormone (aka the love hormone!)

  • Help with respiratory conditions

  • Improved cognition such as communication and memory

  • Core strengthening as well as facial and neck muscles toning



What We Do 

In the singing groups and workshops, I guide participants through appropriate physical and vocal warmups, teach vocal and breathing techniques and a wide range of repertoire- some that I have chosen, and much that has been suggested by the group. We will work on a wide and varied range of songs; mixing short, beautiful three-part harmony songs, chants and fun rounds with longer more challenging songs from genres such as world music, pop, folk and spiritual. No experience of singing or sight-reading is necessary as I teach all songs using call and response techniques. 

The St Johns Singers - a singing group I created and facilitated for people over the age of 60.

St Johns Singers - a singing group I created and facilitated for people over the age of 60

“We all agree that Amy is an excellent

teacher and ex-members who had left have returned to the fold so they can work with her. ”

Nick, Inn Choir Member

Brighton Inn Choir rehearsal recordings

Yonana - InnChoir, Brighton UK
Banana Boat Song - InnChoir, Brighton UK
Garai Pano - InnChoir, Brighton UK
The Brighton InnChoir - an adult community choir.

The Brighton InnChoir - an adult community choir who I had the pleasure of teaching for a period of time.

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