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What is Community Music


Community music can take many shapes and forms, both in the type of musical activity involved

and the different groups of people or communities taking part.

Whatever the musical activity – be it singing, songwriting, beat making or African drumming –

and whichever group of people are involved, the outcomes of community music can be



These outcomes include:


  • Increased self-esteem, confidence, pride and achievement through creating something

        unique and personal


  • A sense of belonging and connection within the community by engaging in a

        creative activity and sharing the experience with others


  • Increased health and wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, offering 

       benefits such as: relaxation, improved mood, increased hand-eye coordination

       and improved verbal communication


  • A therapeutic outlet for thoughts, feelings and emotions that may

       otherwise be expressed in negative ways


“Music can bring

communities together, and it also acknowledges differences.

Community music enables people to enjoy and learn from making music with each other and it enriches their lives.”


Sound Sense,

UK National Community Music

professional association

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