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Some of my work is as a private practitioner, but most is as a contracted musician within different organisations, whom have been funded to run music projects. In either scenario- I evaluate every session I deliver, using a variety of tools. 

Reflexive practice is at the core of my community music evaluation process. I reflect on and record case notes on a session-to-session basis as well as on the overall project. This helps me digest the sometimes very emotionally-charged experiences I encounter and to ensure I've noted any observations I made regarding physical and emotional changes in participants. This allows me to constantly tweak and tailor my sessions to meet the needs of each individual during a music session.

When contracted by an organisation, I provide evaluation reports and monitoring stats as required by the funders of the project.

Within sessions I use a variety of evaluation tools in order to obtain information about how the participants well-being was at the beginning verses at the end. These methods include questionnaires, recorded anecdotal testimonials from participants and/or staff members, one-word-summary from participants (see pics right) and case studies.

Evaluating my work

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