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Professional Testimonials

"I can so clearly see the benefit of this [music] to the patients – it gives them a break from the dull reality that is hospital life and gives them something else to focus on and think about.”

- Di, Rehab Assistant, Crowborough Community Hospital - Wishing Well Music Project

“I loved how versatile the sessions were and how adaptable they were in order to meet the patient’s needs.“

- Bobbi, Occupational Therapist, Horsham Hospital - Wishing Well Music Project


"You have worked therapeutically with the residents at Cavell House responding

sensitively to each individuals mental and physical needs, pace, rhythm, and

participation allowing them to lead the sessions, whilst gently guiding and

supporting them. It is a magical connection to observe! Thank you so much!"

- Gillian Hume, Art Therapist and Activities Coordinator, Cavell House Nursing Home


"Our service users love her and are always asking 

when she is next in! She is very flexible in her approach and will adjust 

the session to the needs and wishes of the group – they have often 

challenged her with a request for a new song and if she doesn’t have it 

she will always make sure she does by the next visit!

The session is normally a balance of some slower ‘sing along’ tunes 

along with some numbers that our customers love to dance to. We use a 

wide range of musical instruments and Amy makes sure that she 

engages with each member of the group during the session.


We have seen some wonderful results from these sessions, customers 

with dementia who do not have great communication skills, who have 

come alive when the music starts. For some, certain pieces of music 

evoke particular memories."

- Karen Sellors, GOLD program Manager, Guildcare.


“Amy interacts with our residents fantastically. She’s very flexible within the music

sessions, taking requests from residents to make sure everyone gets to sing the

songs they want to."

- Stacey Witterick, Activities Coordinator, The Downs Nursing Home.


“Amy was really amazing with the patients – she managed to keep their

​attention and engage them in the activity for such a long period and I

highly recommend her coming again. Amy really ‘gets’ our patients and

understands what they need”

- Ralph George, Ward Manager, Nevill Hospital


“Amy involves everyone in playing instruments and singing in a smooth

and friendly way, making our residents feel very comfortable, at ease and

keen to participate in the music making.”

- Ana Domagala, Activities Co-ordinator, Regent House Nursing Home


“The atmosphere in our café is bubbling with energy and chatter after a singing

session with Amy!”

- Nicki Freeman, Development Co-ordinator, St. John’s Centre, Impact Initiatives

“Amy interacts brilliantly with our residents."

- Nikki Braden, Activities Coordinator, Bon Accord Care Home


“We thoroughly enjoy the singing activities provided by Amy at our Dementia Cafes; they totally contribute to a warm atmosphere and feeling of wellbeing.”

- Janis Simmonds, Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Cafe Coordinator, November 2013


“What an uplifting event!”

- Ray Gibson, Photographer for Older People’s Day, St Johns Centre, Sept 2013


“Amy is organised in getting promo materials submitted, guaranteeing a great turn-out on the night which is perfect for the venue, the performers and the crowd alike. Long may Brighton Folk continue at The Brunswick!!”

- Andy Hillion, Venue Manager & Promoter, The Brunswick



Music session participant Testimonials


"I enjoyed the dinging so much - you've come in and really brightened our day!"

- Resident at Regent House Nursing Home


"Usually she [a fellow resident] shouts at us, but now she is singing at us, which is much more enjoyable!"

- Resident at Regent House Nursing Home


"We rely on people like you coming in to us to do things like music, we can't get out there,

so thank you."

- Adele, resident at Victoria Chatsworth Nursing Home


"Hurry up and come back!

- Trish, resident at The Downs Nursing Home


“[The thing I enjoyed most was] the fun and companionship I had and felt each week.”

- St Johns Singers member


“By the end [of the session] I could really feel my chest opening up and my breathing becoming


- St Johns Singers member


“The singing sessions have made me feel very relaxed and has given me confidence to use

my voice more.”

- St Johns Singers member


“The highlight of the workshop was collaboratively creating lyrics which I have never done before and almost feared. I learned to throw myself into it instead of analysing and over-thinking.”

- This is Our Place Songwriting Workshop participant


“I can’t believe we achieved so much in so little time [writing and recording an original song] –

I felt exhilarated at the end of the workshop!”

- This is Our Place Songwriting Workshop participant


“The African three-part harmony songs Amy teaches us sound beautiful when all put together – they make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!”

- Nick, Inn Choir member



Music session with particpants of GOLD (Growing Older with Learning Disabilities. A Guildcare project.
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