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Participatory music making for adults with a learning disability

I facilitate group making sessions with adults with learning disabilities in day centres, and residential settings. These sessions are usually quite lively and energetic and include a wide range of musical activities that are tailored to the physical and cognitive needs of the individuals in the group. As always, I work in close partnership with the staff members to ensure I am fully briefed on these needs.

How we connect

In my work with adults with learning disabilities I have found that movement and dance are very popular activities. I will include a range of different musical activities that are suitable and appropriate for the where the participants are at both physically and mentally.

Sessions will include a gentle physical warm-up of light stretches and breathing exercises. We will sing a welcome song together and play some percussion instruments. There is always space for creative improvisation - leaving space in the music is so important, so participants have the  opportunity to create something in the moment, completely free-flow. We may write a song over consecutive weeks or learn a round together. If the group requests it we may listen to a piece of recorded music and do some dancing.


Making music together on the GOLD (Growing Older with Learning Disabilities) part of Guildcare.

Making music together on the GOLD program (Growing Older with Learning Disabilities), part of Guildcare

"Amy is very flexible in her approach and will adjust the session to the needs and wishes of the group.

We use a wide range of musical instruments and Amy makes sure that she engages with each  member of the group during the session.

Karen Sellors, Guildcare 


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